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Every Great Story Begins With a Yes

Great stories lead to being sought out by the people you most want the attention of. They are the foundation of a brand you’re proud to share and how you will form mutually beneficial alliances. We never stop being hungry for them.

Your stories are an integral part of creating success on your own terms. Being able to tell them in a voice that is unmistakably you is what holds someone’s interest and keeps reminding them what drew them to your work in the first place.

I help leading entertainers with relentless schedules create weeks of coveted content so they can grow their following more effectively. This is necessary. The story hunger is real. If you share erratically or think you can coast by on quotes by your cat, I want to offer you a hug and tell you to keep reading.

Content these days often feels like being in a library with ten million books and discovering that the only difference between most of them is the cover; once you start turning the pages, you realize you’re right in the middle of the bestseller you wouldn’t buy at the airport, and still don’t want now.

We are caught in a cycle of using the same keywords, buzz phrases, trying to stand out a little, but not so much that we’re really willing to say anything different. It all begins to blur together into one noisy, unremarkable hum.

I know this isn’t what you signed up for.

Together we revive your relationship to storytelling. I teach you how to use what you naturally love talking about to grow your following and keep them engaged. How to claim your experiences and have fun writing about them.

Even if you decide you’d rather I do the writing, we’ll still tell the story together. I will never superimpose my voice over yours. That’s how writers got into this mess in the first place. The rapport we develop will give me the words I need to create your written voice and know what your audience needs.

Let’s make this your most irresistible year yet.

Aflutter with curiosity? Marvelously skeptical? I’d love to hear from you.

How We Can Collaborate


Compelling stories to keep your followers engaged and excited for what comes next.

Story Coaching

Revive your relationship to storytelling.

Artistic Representation

Grow your audience and opportunities through story.

Writing is alive; each story is a seed, a clue, a road opener.