“What’s your story?”

      – Everyone you will ever meet

"Emma entralls me. There's no one that writes like her. Hell, there's no one anywhere near her as a person, a character. She is someone unique and special in a world mostly void of that. I feel that a lot of Ocho's appeal is something that she just is and naturally expresses."

Tomas Estesfounder of Ocho Tequila

"Emma has been with Dads of Daughters from the very beginning, capturing and documenting the voices, experiences and wisdom of fathers raising daughters - the good, the difficult, the joys, fears, anxieties, and the entire mosaic of emotions that comes with being a father to the women of the future. Committed, loyal, openminded, a people person who knows how to build rapport with her audience and a real talent for story telling, Emma is an asset to any team."

Irene MaragosDads of Daughters

“Emma drove the formation of partnerships with key academic institutions, most notably the Berklee College of Music, the most prestigious music school in the world, for our two apps (Genius Jamtracks and PitchBop), as well as notable artists like Grammy award winners Terri Lyne Carrington and Leo Genovese, Ronan Guilfoyle, Tony Grey, Aimee Nolte, and many others. Her brilliance in creative alliances gave us essential brand credibility and we were always excited for what she'd do next. If you're a founder, you know this is the best way possible way to feel about your business and exactly the kind of person you want to work with."

Antonis Tsikandilakis & Dimitris Neonakis Genius Jamtracks Founders

Every Great Story Begins With a Yes

My journey over the past decade in brand advisory, PR, and event planning, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area with brands and artists such as Red Clover Advisors, Fernet-Branca, Cointreau, Chivas Regal, Chambord, BayNVC, Metrowize, Sean Hayes, Doctor Popular, and Tequila Ocho, has been instrumental in honing my skills in building diverse, impactful communities. My approach, blending elements from behavioral economics and game theory, is geared towards fostering rare and sustainable networks that drive real-world impact.

As an advisor, journalist, and negotiator, the heart of my work is centered in being the catalyst for conversations and collaborations that tangibly elevate both our paths.

Emma has a magical touch with words to bring to life a company’s message so it resonates with the audience. She is easy to work with, incredibly creative and is a great partner for anyone looking for their voice to be heard in this busy world. For someone just starting or an established business, Emma will craft just the right content.

Jodi DanielsRed Clover Advisors

How We Can Collaborate

Project Consulting

Evolve your big, beautiful vision into exciting, executable pieces.

Brand Development

Growth and creativity to steer products and brands beyond mere survival.


Words for the things you love so your audience can love them too.

“Emma's approach blends a versatile wit with an insightful warmth and personal touch. Her guidance never fails to bring order to chaos. With such a hectic schedule, I was grateful to find someone I could trust to understand and capture my voice when I need it and make sure everyone on the team was on the same page.”

Seth DrakeMusic Producer

“Working with Emma is a real pleasure. She is an experienced professional who takes a creative approach to all she does. I was especially impressed Emma’s ability to conceptualize and execute creative ideas that help foster sustainable connections between brands and their audience, as well as to capture the essence of the brand through the stories of the people who love it.”

Jesse EstesOcho Tequila

Emma Collier is a dynamic and passionate individual that is a huge asset to any brand. Her work with Tequila Ocho is especially impressive as it demonstrates a strong connection to the brand and understanding of what it represents. I worked with Emma on a few collaborations between her, Tomas Estes, and myself in the final months of Tomas’s life, all of which were fun, inspiring, and built valuable, long-lasting relationships between members of the industry as well as consumers.

Emma is able to inspire those deep and meaningful conversations about a brand that simply make it a joy to experience and embrace.

Phil BaylyOfficial Mezcal Ambassador - Founder of Agave Love